Daily Destiny Disciplines Journal

Daily Destiny Disciplines Journal
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Daily Destiny Disciplines Journal


This Journal was developed especially for the students enrolled in the Destiny Center Institute’s first-year program and others taking the Discovering Your Destiny class. Completing this book is a required part of successfully completing both programs. During the Destiny Center Institute Distant Learning Training School, the students are required to not only do their classroom assignments for the subject being taught, they are also required to do their ‘spiritual homework.’


Weekly ‘spiritual homework’ includes completing daily disciplines that should be a part of the life of every Christian who desires to live the fullness of their destiny. This journal gives you a place to journal your activities for each of the 10 basic Christian daily disciplines.


This book is highly structured, to make it easier for you to journal your required daily spiritual disciplines. Each week there is one scripture verse that you must memorize, as well as additional required Bible reading. 


Each day there are three pages for you to journal what you did that day for the 10 basics disciplines of your Christian walk:

  1. Love God
  2. Love Yourself
  3. Love Others
  4. Worship God
  5. Read the Bible  
  6. Pray
  7. Be Thankful
  8. Give
  9. Forgive 
  10. Celebrate Your Success 


Each one of these disciplines is discussed more fully in the Discovering Your Destiny class and in our book “10 Daily Destiny Disciplines of Your Christian Walk.” 




This Daily Destiny Disciplines Journal is designed to be used by participants in the Destiny Center Institute classes. You can register to attend the Destiny Center Institute Distant Learning Training School here.  


This Daily Destiny Disciplines Journal is designed to be used by participants in the Discover & Do Your Destiny workshops seminars, retreats, and classes, lead by a Certified Destiny Center Instructor using Destiny Center Institute Video teachings. To order these resources, or to register to attend a public workshop, seminar, retreat, or class, visit  our JOIN US LIVE Page for Upcoming EVENTS -


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