Discover Your Destiny - Book

Discover Your Destiny - Book
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Discovering Your Destiny - Book *** AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2017 ****


Are you tired of simply living your life daily, when you know there is more? 

Do you long to find out how you can find and fulfill your destiny? 

Do you want to find out what you were created to do? 


"Discover Your Destiny" is an exciting book that teaches the Biblical Foundations of 

Discovering Your Destiny and how to understand God's purpose for Your life! 

Diane will help you to uncover the clues you need to Discover the Destiny that God has put inside you. 


In this "Discover Your Destiny" Book you will:  

  • Learn how to hear from God about your Destiny and Life
  • Discover the Biblical Basics of what God has for your Destiny
  • Learn how to review and record what God has already told you about how He created you and His vision for your life
  • Discover the clues to your Destiny by completing a selection of questions from the "Discover Your Destiny Workbook"
  • Assess your strengths and abilities
  • Discover God's VISION for your life


Don't waste another day of your life! 

This is the book! Now is the time!  

See how you can Discover Your Destiny! 


** Also, see the companion workbook  "Discover Your Destiny Workbook" Book. The "Discovering Your Destiny Workbook" includes 125 questions that will help you to unlock the clues you need, to discover the Destiny that God has put inside you.


All the questions are all about YOU. Each one is a clue to you discovering how God created you, and what you are called to do.


Read the "Discover Your Destiny" BOOK, and then complete your "Discovering Your Destiny Workbook" to discover the clues to how God made you and what He created you to do.


See how you can Discover Your Destiny and understand God's plan for Your life! 


Don't wait! These books are the ones you've been waiting for!

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