HappySnaps Jewel - Justice Gems Paperclip Heart Jewel Snap

HappySnaps Jewel - Justice Gems Paperclip Heart Jewel Snap
HappySnaps Jewel - Justice Gems Paperclip Heart Jewel Snap
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HappySnaps Jewel - Justice Gems Paperclip Heart Jewel Snap 


Our Justice Gems Jewelry line specializes in Social Justice Jewelry with shopping that makes a difference! Justice Gems is raising awareness about the issues of systemic poverty, needs of widows and orphans worldwide, and issues of injustice that surround women trapped in the web of prostitution and human and sex trafficking.


Our exclusive "Justice Gems" paperclip jewelry design features Paper Clips to wear as a sign that you stand in solidarity against the travesties of our generation.


Why the GEMS name? The original trade name for Paper Clips was "Gems". 


Why the paperclip design as Social Justice Jewelry? During WWII paperclips "Gems" were worn as jewelry by many in Norway to signify that the person was standing in solidarity with the Jewish people against the travesties of the holocaust. Hitler is said to have outlawed paperclips in Europe during that time, due to the impact of the social justice jewelry. They became a sign of the importance of standing up for the rights of others and for what you believe in! 


What else about Social Justice Gems? In 1998, a group of children studying the Holocaust in Whitewell, Tennessee began a project that is now known as “6 Million Paperclips” where they collected a paperclip for each Jewish person that lost their lives in Germany. A Documentary was made about the project and was released in 2004. 


Stand in solidarity against the travesties of our generation - systemic poverty, human and sex trafficking - by proudly wearing your "Justice Gems."


You can purchase more of our Justice Gems Jewelry on our website.




Our HappySnaps Jewel Pieces come in lots of styles. We have hundreds of pieces to choose from - including pieces with hand-set Austrian Crystals, Rhinestones, Glass, natural stones, and well as fun fashion pieces. Swap out the HappySnaps Jewels anytime to change up your look and match different outfits or occasions.

Go elegant or casual, formal or fun!



Our best selling HappySnaps Jewels are part of our HappySnaps interchangeable jewelry Collection. These beautiful HappySnaps Jewels will snap into any of our foundational pieces. 

  • One HappySnaps Jewel 18mm 
  • Snaps in for a stylish design  
  • Front & Back shown in photo
  • Compatible with all Standard Size Snaps accessories 
  • 5.5mm center snap fits all standard foundational pieces (Not Giggles/Petite) 
  • Plated Base Metal, nickel, lead, and cadmium free 
  • Mix and match styles for infinitely customizable jewelry
  • Create your style in a snap! 

You can choose from hundreds of different HappySnaps jewelry styles to design a perfect statement of who you are! 


We have hundreds of beautiful HappySnaps foundational pieces to design with… In addition to our best selling HappySnaps Bracelets, we feature HappySnaps pendants & necklaces, earrings, rings, cufflinks, keychains, HappySnaps Charms... and, of course, you’ll love our HappySnaps Wrap, Tribal Weaves Collection, Metal, Wire, Leather & faux leather Bracelets! There is something for everyone!


Happy in a snap, with HappySnaps!


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