Destiny Doodles

Destiny Doodles
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Destiny Doodles is a wonderful new adult coloring book from Destiny Center.


Remember back in school when the margin of your notebook papers were filled with doodles? When your teacher caught you drawing, instead of taking word for word notes from her lecture, you told the teacher that you were paying attention. Well, guess what? You were right! You WERE paying attention! A study, done several years ago found that when you doodle it helps you to pay attention and, in addition, there are positive effects on your memory. Doodling can help you focus and remember things! When you doodle, your memory is improved, and you area able to pay attention more closely to what is being said. Doodling can actually help you stay focused on the thing that you want to pay attention to right now. It seems everyone doodles. Presidents, Queens, Artists, Poets, Inventors, CEO’s… With this book, you can add your name to that great list of Notable Doodlers! We believe that paying attention, remembering, and enjoying creativity are key things you need to do well to fulfill your destiny. That is why we created this destiny doodle book! Enjoy your creative doodle time, as you pay better attention, and improve your memory! This is a great Doodle and Coloring Book for Grown-Ups, as well as for Children.


112 pages



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