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Shipping Rates


Our desire is to get you the items you ordered in the best possible way. Most of our items are stored in our warehouse in Texas

and will be shipped from Texas via United States Postal Service. Please note, we do have suppliers in various locations, and your shipment may be coming directly from them instead.


We are so thankful for your business, and know you will love the products you have ordered! 


Shipping will be added at the time of checkout. We ship USPS First Class or Priority - your choice.


Shipping: Please allow 12 - 14 business days for your products to arrive. 


Why was my order so quick this time? We ship our orders for the week every Friday. Many of the products on our website we have in stock and are ready to ship to you. When we have the item in stock, we ship it to you the same week you place your order. 


Why did I get two shipments? “One of my orders was shipped in a few days, and another that took a few weeks.” Some of our products ship directly from the supplier or printer, instead of our facility. If you placed a Justice Gems Jewelry order, the part of your order that took a few weeks to arrive required a shipment from overseas, &/or the items needed to be handcrafted for you after you places your order. The order that was shipped in a few days included the items we had in stock. There is no additional shipping fee charged for the orders that need to be filled in two shipments. 


Why did it take so long for my jewelry order? Many of the Justice Gems Jewelry products we offer on our website are either completely hand made, or partially made by hand. Some will be handcrafted especially for you after you place your order. Many of our products are made overseas - China, Thailand, Africa... For items that need to be shipped from overseas, please allow an additional week for shipping if the item comes from overseas. (15 - 21 business days) It is not always easy to help those in need in other countries. Sometimes it takes a little longer. But we believe you will agree it is worth the wait!


If you have ordered Jewelry please know that we are working with several organizations around the world, that are helping those in need. If we don’t have your jewelry in stock, we will let you know, and let you know the estimated arrival date.


Many of the organizations we are working with overseas to help those in need are not big corporations with shipping departments. Many of our products are partially or completely hand made. In some cases the jewelry is handcrafted - just for you - after you place your order! It often is then mailed to us from overseas, and we then ship the jewelry to your door. 


The organizations we work with also have different abilities to mail items to us from their countries. Some of the groups have no problem just going to the post office, yet for some, it is quite difficult. Items that are shipped from overseas must go through customs - both in their country - and in ours. In some countries, getting items shipped through customs can be complicated. For some of our jewelry, we must wait for one of the organizations workers, or their friends, to hand carry the items back to the US. Then they mail the jewelry to us. We appreciate your patience and your willingness to wait so that you can help to make a difference in lives around the world! 




We know you will LOVE your products from Destiny Center. If there is any problem you can return it within 7 days for a full refund of the price you paid. Shipping fees paid are not refunded. Contact us via the PRODUCT RETURNS page to get your RMA number.  



Sales Tax Rates


We charge 8.250% Texas Sales Tax for those ordering from Texas. Sales tax will be added to your order when you checkout with PayPal.


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