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The Destiny Center JumpStart program is a unique flexible funding crowdfunding program, designed to help Destiny Center Graduates and Faculty to connect to the resources they need do their destiny. 


In our classes, we teach that nothing is done without a team of people. The Destiny Center JumpStart program empowers you to activate our collective worldwide community to make your destiny happen. We help you spread the word globally, to find your “Destiny Team Volunteers” & finances needed. On JumpStart, people can not only give money to get you going, but they can also volunteer to help you!


Approved campaigns detail what resources are needed for the programs and projects, including financial assistance. JumpStart campaigns identify what is needed to complete the program or project, and allow people to give of their time, talents & treasure to help JumpStart the project and get you both started on the road to doing your destiny! 



Why should I support a campaign? We believe that as you help others to fulfill their destiny, you are also fulfilling your destiny! Contributing connects you to people with a shared vision - a shared dream. And together, we can make those dreams come true. As a sponsor, you will not only get the rewards that come with your support level, but you will also get the satisfaction of participating in helping someone to fulfill their destiny. 


People sponsor projects for a variety of reasons... Some sponsors are excited about the rewards that come with supporting a project - it may be that they get to be the trendsetter with a new product or service, or they are thrilled to get the inside information about the campaign. Many sponsors  give their resources because they believe in the mission of a campaign and want to show their support. Other sponsors believe in the person that is leading the campaign, and want to help the individual do what they are created to do.



Supporting with JumpStart is EASY!


To support a campaign financially, simply select the Rewards Level in the pull down menu at the top of the Campaign page, and checkout!


To Volunteer or to donate any of the "Additional Resources Needed" you can email the Campaign Creator on their Campaign page.



Look through the Destiny Center JumpStart Campaigns below, to see how you can change the world, one destiny at a time!





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Based on 1 reviews.
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