Why DCI?

Why DCI?


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10 Reasons Why to Join Destiny Center Institute 

Distant Learning Training School 


1. Exceptional Value

We believe we should all invest in ourselves, and our future. Over the last 30 years we have been to countless conferences, as students, and as a speakers, as well as organizers running the conferences. They are a great way to get renewed. But, the costs of attending the conferences are easily $880 or more for the weekend. Even when the registration for the conference is low, ($100) the cost of airfare, car rental, airport parking, hotel and food quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars. (Example: Two hotel nights: $200; Food: $100; Registration: $100; Airfare: $350; Airport parking $50; Car rental $80 = $880). The conferences often include 4 main sessions of teaching, Friday night, and Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening. By comparison, an entire trimester of Destiny Center Institute - a 9 week course - is only $880! (About what you would pay to attend just one weekend conference.) And the cost, with early registration, for the entire first year, all 3 trimesters, is only $2,500! Tuition is $220 per credit hour, which is much less than the average College, University or Institute. See the Tuition Comparison chart below.


2. Partnerships!

Through our partnerships with YWAM DNA Studios Hollywood, the University of the Nations, the International Leaders Institute, the International Arts and Media Institute, the International Film Institute, the International Dance Institute, the International Music Institute, the International Dramatic Arts Institute, and the Nashville Center for Worship, we are able to offer a wide variety of majors for our students. We believe that when we partner with others we can provide the best training options for all our students around the world!


3. Experienced Teachers

Dr. Diane Wigstone has taught with the University of the Nations for many years. She has written books on a multitude of subjects. She is an author and popular blogger. Diane has traveled to over 60 countries around the world, and has taught students from over 100 countries. Diane is an international speaker, and has spoken at conferences around the world alongside other notables such as: Che Ahn, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, C. Peter Wagner, Ed Silvoso, Lance Wallnau, Jerry Tuma, Jim Hennesy, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Vivian Hibbert Barbara Yoder, Patricia King, Steve Fry, Karen Lafferty, John Dawson, Kimberly Daniels, Fred Markert,  Shawn Bolz, and Loren & Darlene Cunningham.  Dr. Diane Wigstone is the featured speaker for the first year of the Destiny Center Institute training.   


4. Proven Successful Courses

Dr. Diane Wigstone has been teaching the material in the Supernatural Destiny School (SDS) - Discover Your Destiny and Life Planning classes for over 30 years. She has taught students from over 100 countries and has had huge success with her clients and students. Each student who has successfully completed the class have discovered their destiny, and put together a life plan to fulfill their destiny. Destiny Center has held executive seminars for some of the most influential business people and ministry leaders in the world. Our instructors have a passion to bring education, as well as our experience and training in Business to see individuals experience the life changing revelation of Discovering their Destiny and putting together a plan to turn their vision into reality.



5. Highly Respected Faculty

Diane is a highly respected international speaker. Her Supernatural Destiny School (SDS) - Discovering Your Destiny classes have been taught around the world. Diane has spoken at conferences around the world alongside other notables such as: Che Ahn, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, C. Peter Wagner, Ed Silvoso, Lance Wallnau, Jerry Tuma, Jim Hennesy, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Vivian Hibbert Barbara Yoder, Patricia King, Steve Fry, Karen Lafferty, John Dawson, Kimberly Daniels, Fred Markert,  Shawn Bolz, and Loren & Darlene Cunningham. Diane’s writings have been endorsed by many great Christian Leaders including, Che Ahn, Winkie Pratney, Steve Fry, Karen Lafferty, Rev. Dr. Naomi Dowdy, James W Goll, Dr. Rev. Casey Smith, Jimmy & Carol Owens, and many more. 


6. Productive Time Management

You can complete each weekly class with Destiny Center Institute in just a few hours. Destiny Center Institute is a great way to continue growing week after week without needing to take time off from work and traveling to conferences or seminars. Each trimester is estimated to take 100 hours of classes & assignments for the 4 Credit Hours.




7. Continual Growth 

Fulfilling your destiny requires continual pursuit of your goals and your growth in your understanding of God. Fulfilling your destiny is more like a marathon than a sprint. To grow in God we need more than just thirty minutes of teaching on a Sunday morning once a week, and an occasional conference one weekend every few months. Yet this is what many of us have done. Destiny Center Institute helps develop powerful people who fulfill their destiny by providing in-depth teaching every week.


8. Your Destiny!

It is our passion to see all Christians know their calling, and identity, walk in freedom, and be people that are fulfilling their destiny. Our students include many pastors, worship leaders, and missionaries worldwide, but our students come from all of the seven mountains of societal influence. We want to help all Christians discover and do their God given destiny. No matter what your calling is, you must first know what it is that God has created you to do. The Destiny Center Institute ensures you have a clear understanding of your calling, a firm foundation in your identity, and freedom from the strongholds that keep you from fulfilling your God given destiny.


9. Distant Learning At Its Best 

The Destiny Center Mission is to develop and provide training and other resources that will release people worldwide into their God given Destiny. We are dedicated to bringing you the best resources available so that you fulfill your personal destiny! The Destiny Center Institute - Distant Learning Training School is a unique program that teaches the depths of the Word, along with the best of available academic knowledge, without becoming boring or denying that we serve a supernatural God.


10. Long-Term Thinking

The Destiny Center Institute has a vision for generational legacy. To be a part of where the Lord is leading the Church in the years to come, we must lay a new foundation in our understanding of our role in God’s plan. We must understand what it is that we are created to do so we do not hinder our growth and the advancement of the Kingdom of God not only in our generation, but in those to come. A powerful advantage of the Destiny Center Institute is that while you are spiritually growing through our Distant Learning Training School, you are not isolated. We are growing a likeminded community that is focused on Kingdom Actualization in their lifetime. They are committed to being the best that they can be. You are joining a movement with others who are pressing forward with God to advance the plan of God for the world. 



Tuition Comparison Chart


College, University or Institute (1)


Per Credit Hour


YWAM Hollywood/ Destiny Center Institute with University Credit through University of the Nations



YWAM Denver with University Credit through University of the Nations



Bethel School of Ministry 



Public 4-year College, University or Institute



For-profit College, University or Institute



Private nonprofit 4-year College, University or Institute



Average of On-line University Courses from Schools listed below




1 Average tuition and average total price estimates are shown for those attending one institution only.
2 Includes less-than-2-year, 2-year, and 4-year institutions.

NOTE: Full-time status for the purposes of financial aid eligibility was based on 12 credit hours, unless the awarding institution employed a different standard. Standard error tables are available at http://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch/pubsinfo.asp?pubid=2015165. SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 2011–12 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:12).



On-line University Courses  

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Price per Credit Hour Undergrad

Additional Fees Undergrad

Average of On-line University Courses from Schools listed below



Western International University


No additional technology or graduations fees.

American Public University * 121 credits


$50 technology fee per course + $100 graduation fee+ $50 transfer credit evaluation fee

Arizona State University


 $50 technology fee per term + $47 Financial Aid Trust fee per term + $50 graduation application fee

Ashford University


$50 technology fee per course + $100 books/materials  per course (average) + $150 graduation fee

DeVry University  * 124 credits


$30 application fee + $190 books/materials per session (average) + $20 student services fee per session

Grand Canyon University


$400 one-time learning management fee + $85 canyon connect + $150 graduation fee

Kaplan University  * 180 credits


$45 application fee + $295 technology fee per term

 The tuition rates for online schools provided represent the cost of online business program tuition and fees published on each university's website, as retrieved December 2, 2015 from the following URLs:


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