Jewelry - HappySnaps & GiggleSnaps

Jewelry - HappySnaps & GiggleSnaps


Welcome to our Destiny Designs Jewelry Collections! 


Destiny Designs is a wonderful, beautiful & fun collection of several lines of jewelry:

Kingdom Collections; "HappySnaps" & "GiggleSnaps" jewelry collections; "LifeStory" jewelry; Zoom’s Biggest Fan Collection; & Justice Gems jewelry.

All of these amazing lines of jewelry are created especially with you in mind! 



Happy in a snap, with HappySnaps!


Our “HappySnaps” interchangeable jewelry lets you design & create your own special collection of beautiful jewelry starting with the blank canvas of our foundational design pieces, and adding HappySnaps Jewels


Designing Your Own HappySnaps Jewelry is as EASY as 1, 2, 3!


Step 1: Begin by selecting the HappySnaps "Happy Foundation" starter piece - choose the bracelet, ring, pendant, earrings, cufflinks or charm that you want to begin with. 


Step 2: Choose one of our over 100 HappySnaps Jewels to add to your foundational piece.


Select several of the HappySnap jewels to be able to dress up your design, or dress it down. Go Elegant or Casual, Formal or Fun. Go global with selections from our Tribal collection, Southwest, and World Traveler HappySnaps jewels. Whatever you create will be especially designed for you, by you! 


Step 3: Snap them together! 


Your design is complete!


Our HappySnaps Collection also includes our GiggleSnaps Collection, which is our version of petite snaps, or mini snaps, that are 12mm in size. Our 12mm GiggleSnaps Jewels will fit into all our GiggleSnaps Foundational pieces, and can also be used as a center accent in all of our HappySnaps foundational pieces, for a special framed look.


You can also select from some of our special Destiny Designs of completed HappySnaps & GiggleSnaps jewelry pieces that we have created just for you.


To further your creativity, you can add a HappySnap foundational charm, along with "HappySnap" jewels, to any of the “LifeStory” Jewelry Bracelet designs - to make the creation exclusively yours.


We know that you will be inspired and will love designing & creating your own jewelry by mixing and matching the wonderful pieces in our "HappySnap" and "LifeStory" jewelry lines!


HappySnaps interchangeable jewelry is the hottest trend this season with endless possibilities. You'll love our quality and our affordable pricing. Personalized style has never been this chic and affordable. HappySnaps make you happy in a snap!


Happy in a snap, with HappySnaps!

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