My Journal - Lighthouse

My Journal - Lighthouse
My Journal - Lighthouse My Journal - Lighthouse
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My Journal - Lighthouse - 200 pages


Congratulations on taking the next step towards a new you! Your purchase of this Journal means that you are serious about making some changes in your life and becoming all that God created you to be!

This journal was developed especially for those who have been reading my book series Master Your Mind! In each book in the series I recommend that you journal your revelations and progress. This helps you to rebuild your brain with the deep revelation that rewires your mind with the truths you are discovering about yourself and about God.

There are many blank pages in this journal for you to write and doodle, and discover all God wants to show you. I have also included some tools that will help you in the process. As you meditate on these thoughts you will be building your brain to align with the truth of God's word.

Journaling helps to hard wire your brain with that memory. Remembering positive moments causes the same neurons in your brain that fired when it happened to fire again in the same way. We know from “Hebb’s Law” that "Nerve cells that fire together wire together." By journaling your successes you double the positive effect of the success in your brain and in your life.

Various sciences have studied the benefits of journaling and there have been what I would call “fairly amazing” findings. There are “Life Performance” benefits for those who journal. Journaling also benefits our physical health, neurological health, emotional and psychological health. Here are some of the numerous benefits researchers found for people who regularly journal: 

Health Benefits for people who regularly journal: 

  • improved short-term changes in heart rates, electrodermal activity
  • improved short-term changes in muscular activity 
  • improved T-helper cell growth, antibody response to the Eptstein-Barr virus, and antibody response to the Hepatitis B vaccinations 
  • improved immune system functions 
  • fewer overall illness-related hospital visits 
  • fewer number of days spent in the hospital 
  • improved liver function 
  • improved lung function 
  • improved blood pressure 

Emotional & Psychological Benefits for people who regularly Journal: 

  • significantly reduces distress such as suffering, sorrow and pain 
  • feel less depressed  
  • overall mood improvement  
  • improve behavior towards others 
  • increase in emotional well-being 
  • better day-to-day mood 
  • fewer symptoms of depression 
  • reduces their flashbacks, nightmares, & unexpected memories for victims of post-traumatic stress. (PTSD) 
  • helps survivors of a natural disaster 
  • helps children of alcoholic parents 
  • benefits women struggling with their body image 
  • helps parents of children suffering with a chronic illness 
  • promotes health for those who recently had a relationship break up 
  • helps students having suicidal thoughts 

Life Performance Benefits for people who regularly Journal:

  • re-employed sooner after loosing their jobs 
  • miss fewer days of work 
  • higher grade point averages 
  • better overall sporting performances 
  • better working memories 


I pray for great revelation, breakthrough and freedom as you master your mind and rebuild your brain.

Happy Journaling!



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