The Great Eagle Calling

The Great Eagle Calling
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By Millie Camille Eehn - Toms 

This is an amazing story of the journey of a woman and her husband into the world of Native America, living amongst the Hopi. It tells of her joys, struggles, griefs and fears. It tells of many spiritual trials which she has come to terms with. It is a story which tells of the unsurpassing love of the Great One, who came to bring hope and dignity to the Native peoples of North America and beyond. 

This is a story about CALLING forth the original peoples of the land to rise up and be the Creator's royal priesthood. All of her personal stories are to draw you into the cry of her heart, that we may all see the fulfillment of the Creator's heart for the Native Americans.

Her life in Hopi became an Odyssey of knowing that the Great and mighty One is faithful and good; He has been her constant companion and comfort. He has been her great and exceeding joy!

A Memoir of a Modern Day Missionary
Amongst the Hopi & the Native Americans
by Millie Camille Eehn-Toms

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