Zoom Meets Bully Bee

Zoom Meets Bully Bee
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This wonderful book will delight your pre-school children. This is one of a series of books featuring Zoom and his friends.




There is a new kid in school. But Zoom discover that Bully Bee moved from Meanville. What will Zoom do about the new bully in town? Zoom Meets Bully Bee is a wonderful rhyming children's book for kids aged 2-7 (and adults young at heart).


It is a children’s book that teaches children that they can be all they are created to be, if they will just believe in themselves. It also looks at the issue of bullies, and helps them understand why a bully might be so mean.


Zoom Meets Bully Bee is a classic journey of discovery that teaches the readers about how very different people can become friends, how problems can be solved, and how friends can encourage one another to be all they were created to be! In this book, Zoom Meets Bully Bee, we once again go to Heartland. There is a new kid in school, and Zoom wants to be his friend. But Zoom and his friends discover that Bully Bee, and his sister Busybody Bee, from Meanville, don’t want to be friends. What will Zoom and his friends do about the new bully in town?


Zoom Meets Bully Bee is full of bright colorful characters and backgrounds that will bring joy to the children as they are reading the book. Stories are key to the destiny of our children, and are very important to our childhood. Everyone has a book that gave them hope, and courage. Zoom and his friends make the world seem beautiful, and full of possibility. Zoom will encourage your children as you read each Zoom book with them - time and time again.


Softcover book, 8.5 x 8.5 inches



Join Zoom & his friends on another adventure... What will Zoom & his friends do when Bully Bee & his sister Busybody Bee move to town from Meanville? How will Zoom & Princess handle the new bully in town? How will they restore joy to Heartland?



About the author:

The Author has published over 20 books. She is also a recorded songwriter and singer. She teaches a variety of writing classes with the University of the Nations. She is an accomplished artist, with an on-line art gallery. As a movie producer, Diane is working on an animated film featuring Zoom and his friends. She has been drawing Prince Zoom and the rest of his Heartland friends since her childhood.


Softcover 8.5" x 8.5" in English Full Color

Juvenile Fiction / General

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